ATM Companies in NJ Provide Numerous Services

When one thinks of ATM companies in NJ, you probably picture a warehouse filled with rows and rows of ATMs. The reality is that ATM companies are so much more. They do in fact have access to ATMs and supply them to community financial institutions. In addition, some offer services like monitoring and repair. Also, additional products may be supplied for other aspects of a branch. To find one company that includes all this and more is the ideal situation for a bank. By consolidating the number of contacts you need to call, you improve repair times by reducing confusion among employees on who to contact for what issue. Plus, dealing with one person at one company for all these services, the level of trust between the two businesses is higher than if you only need to call someone for one thing once a year.   

Supply is Important When Considering ATM Companies in NJ

First and foremost, of course ATM companies in NJ need supply. But, supply of what? Not just ATMs. Other fintech is just as important in day-to-day operations of a town bank. Teller Cash Recyclers are becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. People are accustomed to no longer having to wait in those long bank lines. Mostly, this is because of the addition of fintech like TCRs and ITMs. In addition to ATMs, ITMs are becoming a well-recognized piece of equipment in a bank. Where ATMs fell short, ITMs pick up the slack allowing customers to complete teller assisted transactions without having to enter the lobby. Plus, the tellers that clients deal with are the tellers of that branch so customers are greeted with familiar faces and voices.

Supplies should also include parts for the aforementioned machines. There is no worse news to a branch manager than the ATM repair company has to “order a part” so the repair will take a few days. What they want to hear is that the technician spotted the issue on their monitoring software, is aware of what is wrong, and will bring the part right over to perform the repair. The faster the break/fix time, the higher rated the service company.   

Monitor and Repair

The value of a fleet of fintech is only as good as the service given to those machines. This is because an out of order unit doesn’t conduct any business. Therefore, the better the service, the better return on investment. The length of uptime a fintech unit experiences is directly related to the amount of revenue that machine produces. One of the best ways to keep machines running is to hire a remote monitoring service company. This way, they can detect issues and address them. Ideally, this all happens before anyone even knows anything is wrong. Even if the repair can’t be completed without any downtime, remote access still cuts repair times in half. Services like this often also provide bonus benefits like service history data, PCI compliance, bug fixes, patches, and more.

Additional Products are Offered by Many ATM Companies in NJ

Fintech is important for banks, but it isn’t everything. Community branches still need security products, teller equipment, and other non-fintech related services. For example, most branches provide access to safe deposit boxes for clients. They need to purchase them from somewhere. Other items like safes and vaults also should be bought from a trusted source. Who better than ATM companies in NJ that can do it all? But, don’t stop there! Some companies even offer audio/video equipment for teller windows. Others still provide items like custom signage, storage, rigging and removal of machines, and network conversions. Branches can certainly be successful without the addition of all these other services, but those that have them are certainly more likely to be favorable and therefore, profitable.

ATM Companies in NJ are Essential to Branches

ATM Companies in NJ in white font on black bar over image of bank of cash machines where one is being used

Banking, like many industries, is going the way of technology. For many customers, technology equals faster and better until proven differently. In order for community banks to be able to compete in today’s market, fintech and fintech service are crucial. For the best chance at success, branches are searching for ATM companies in NJ that can do it all. Rather than simply buying an ATM from a company, branch managers are seeking out businesses that can offer support, repair, and more.

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