ATM Companies in NJ Top Manufacturers

Just about everybody is familiar with what an Automatic Teller Machine, or ATM, is. They are fairly essential to everyday life for many people. Most ATMs do more than just dispense cash nowadays. Printing out bank statements, checking balances, transferring money, or even buying stamps are all things a person can do at an ATM. There are many companies that manufacture ATMs. This allows for a wide range of sizes, abilities, and price points. Due to this variety, every size financial institution can find an ATM that works for them.  Some ATM companies may choose to stick with just one line. Others, may decide to carry a few machines from a few different manufacturers. The bottom line is that every bank needs at least one ATM to compete in todays market. There are certainly ATM companies in NJ that suppliers trust over others and here are just a few.

Hyosung America

This company is a subsidiary of the very successful South Korean conglomerate Hyosung, Inc. Carrying over two dozen different types of ATMs, Hyosung is a popular manufacturer of ATMS with NJ ATM companies. They have ATMs that focus on high-capacity cash dispensing, one’s with small footprints, ATMs that excel in cash recycling, and machines for retail locations to name a few types. Obviously, it is easy to see why ATM companies in NJ like to carry Hyosung products.

NCR Corporation is a Favored Choice with ATM Companies in NJ

ATM company in NJ may choose NCR SelfServ machines like one pictured on dark grey background

Founded in the late 1880s, NCR Corporation has been in business for over 135 years. Their headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. This company has advanced ATM software, state-of-the-art security, and ATMs that provide a wide variety of services. ATM companies in NJ like RMC ATM Solutions, prefer to carry NCR machines for many good reasons. One of the most important reasons is their pledge to providing machines that focus on customer satisfaction. Their top-notch security measures and their commitment to the happiness of clients gives the bank confidence that their brand will be protected.

Triton Systems

One of the greatest statistics about Triton ATMs is that they are built in the USA in Long Beach Mississippi. This, they boast on their website, allows them to provide machines that have the lowest total cost of ownership. This affordable machine is tailored for retail spaces with a specific profile that protects the keypad. In addition, one thing Triton is proud to tell their clients about is that they offer an eco-friendly, printer-less option. This not only reduces the carbon footprint for each individual machine, but also leads to lower costs over the lifetime of the ATM.

ATM Companies in NJ Also Use Genmega

Genmega is a relatively new company as it was founded in 2006. They focus on flexibility, reliability, and warranty and support. Their flexibility is best seen in their wide variety of machines that are largely based on customer feedback. Based in Dallas, Texas, Genmega has machines deployed around the world making their reliability hugely critical. Last in the line-up of reasons to choose Genmega is their warranty and customer support services. Undoubtedly, This gives their customers complete comfort in their machines and their reliability.

Hantle Inc.

Hantle focuses on the need of ATMs in retail capacities. They offer many benefits to companies who want to become their partner. Some of these include delivery tracking, online ordering, volume discounts, and price benefits. A few aspects of their support structure include training programs, parts and repair, warranties, and other documents. Therefore, Hantle is a popular choice among ATM companies in NJ.  

ATM Companies in NJ have Many Manufacturers to Choose From

ATM companies in NJ should offer a variety of products like those shown and explained in text: drive-up systems, undercounter steel, teller windows, night drops, safe deposit boxes, acrylic barriers, lockers

Lucky for them, ATM companies in NJ have a wide variety of companies, machines and products to choose from. Selecting a manufacturer that produces high-quality, secure, technologically advanced machines is critical to any ATM company’s success. Furthermore, offering an assortment of products to their clients is as important for ATM companies as it is for ATM manufacturers.  Every bank and financial institution have different requirements and needs. Consequently, meeting these needs is the job of every ATM company. The only way to do this is by partnering with the right fintech manufacturer. And while ATMs should be front and center for every ATM company in NJ, supplying other products is also very beneficial. Providing alternative items like vaults, safe deposit boxes, and teller cash recylers will indeed make them much more popular with financial institutions.