Manasquan Heating Repair Can Prolong HVAC Life

A heating a cooling system is one of the most expensive systems installed in the average home. This makes is confusing and hard to understand why homeowners don’t take better care of this equipment. Proper Manasquan heating repair and maintenance is the best thing you can do to prolong the lifetime of your HVAC system. While no system will last forever, complete neglect of a heating system will severely shorten the lifespan of it. So, anyone that thinks that they are saving money by skipping their annual furnace inspection will eventually end up needing a full system replacement much earlier than that average system. This, of course, is much more expensive than a yearly service appointment.

There is an Average Lifespan of a Furnace

There is a short answer to this that is 15-20 years. However, that is simply an average. That means that there are some systems that last longer than that. Plus, in the worst cases, some systems only last around 10 years. It is always an important piece of information to know how old an HVAC system is when purchasing a home. Any system older than fifteen years is at risk of needing to be replaced. This is a great time to talk to your local Manasquan heating repair company for their advice on a new system. Are there systems that continue to run up to 30 years? Yes, there are. Are they efficient? They most likely are not and they are very likely to leave you stuck in the cold at any moment.

Manasquan Heating Repair is Just One Thing That Affects Lifespan of Heating Equipment

Other factors that affect how long heating and air conditioning equipment will last include, but are not limited to:


Obviously, the more you use a system, the more wear and tear it experiences, the more repairs that need to be done, and ultimately, the shorter the lifespan. In comparison, homes in mild climates may not need their heater or air conditioner all that much. These systems typically last longer. In addition to necessary use, humidity and salt content in the air also affect how long a furnace will last. Manasquan heating repair technicians are familiar with the affect of sea air on furnaces.

Quality Equipment

While more expensive does not always equal better, purchasing the least expensive equipment usually shows itself in the lifespan of the system. Unfortunately, when it comes to HVAC systems, quality does come with a certain price tag. However, when you have high-quality units installed by a professional, it will last much longer than lesser quality systems.  Furthermore, an incorrectly sized system or an improperly installed unit will fail much sooner than the correct equipment. Too small of a system puts a lot of strain on the equipment and if the system is too large, it can burn out quickly.

Contact Specialists for Manasquan Heating Repair

Technician performing Manasquan heating repair

One of the worst things a homeowner can do when it comes to furnace care is to attempt it themselves. There is a reason there are professionals that perform Manasquan heating repair. The second to worst thing is to provide no care at all. Routine expert maintenance is a great way to keep your furnace and air conditioner running strong and efficiently. Every year, a professional should come into your home to clean, inspect, and repair any necessary damages. Without these steps, furnaces can breakdown often. When they are done by a qualified professional, they can be a lifesaver. Appropriate Manasquan heating repair can extend the working lifespan of a furnace and air conditioner by years if not decades.

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