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When it comes to winter, one of the things we take for granted the most is our furnace.  We set the thermostat and forget all about it.  We just expect our homes to be warm when we want it to be.  Most people probably don’t give enough thought to the care and maintenance of these machines that we depend on.  The best thing you can do for your furnace is to provide routine maintenance so you can identify potential issues before they become problems.  If you schedule regular inspections of your furnace, you can avoid emergency Manasquan heating repair calls.  Having a relationship with a trusted HVAC repair company can reduce the stress related to having a broken furnace.

Common Furnace Problems

Thermostat – Many things can go wrong with your thermostat.  From needing new batteries to electrical problems, the thermostat is a good place to start if you’re having problems.  Make sure it is set to “Heat” and replace the batteries in your thermostat twice a year when you replace the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Pilot Light – Your furnace will be unable to provide heat if the pilot light is not lit.  There are a few reasons that you may be having problems with the pilot light.  Drafts and clogs can inhibit the pilot light from lighting and staying lit.  Another problem could be with the thermocouple which is a safety component that turns off the gas if the pilot light goes out. 

Limit Switch – If the blower on the furnace is running continuously, it may be a problem with the limit switch.  This is an issue that may need to be taken care of by a Manasquan heating repair technician.

Clogged Air Filter – One thing you can easily do yourself to maintain a well-functioning furnace is to replace the air filter every few months.  When the air filter is clogged, the furnace has to work much harder to produce heat which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

Damaged Heat Exchanger – This could be an expensive repair and is not something you can fix on your own.  The best way to avoid problems with your heat exchanger is to have a Manasquan heating repair company routinely inspect your furnace. 

Manasquan Heating Repair Technicians Can Help

If you are having a problem with your home maintaining a comfortable temperature, it may be time to call a Manasquan heating repair company.  There are a few things you can do yourself to avoid hefty emergency calls during winter.  Changing the air filters and scheduling routine maintenance for your furnace are two simple things you can do to keep your furnace functioning efficiently.  Even if you do perform simple upkeep on your furnace, there are many things that can still go wrong.  Don’t find yourself in the cold if that happens.  Research Manasquan heating repair companies and form a relationship with them so that in a time of need, you know who to call.  When you trust your Manasquan HVAC repair technicians, you’ll never be left in the cold.

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