NJ Custom Home Builder Tells Us All About Finishing Touches

NJ Custom home builder finished porch with dark wood panel ceiling and white wood accents in blue home

When it comes to designing a home, sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact.  Some design elements that seem like a minor aspect can end up being the most beautiful part of your home.  The best designs include thoughtful, intricate, personalized elements that come together to give your home an elegant exterior.  If you are searching for a NJ custom home builder who will give you a quality, exquisite, gorgeous home, take a look at Monetti Custom Homes. This company has some of the most dignified, polished, and beautiful custom homes we’ve ever seen in a portfolio.  The most eye-catching details are the finishing touches they put so much thought into.  Take a look at their gallery and we think you’ll agree.  You’ll find these pictures and so many more that exquisitely show Monetti’s talent and experience.

Picking the Right Designer and NJ Custom Home Builder

No matter how customized your design is, it can still look average and expected.  When your NJ custom home builder doesn’t have a good eye for design or lacks the experience to give you something that truly wows, you better keep looking.  With all the time, effort, and money it takes to build a custom home, you want something absolutely unique and personalized.  Unless your home has special finishing touches, you’ll be spending all that money and time on something that could be found in any tract housing portfolio. 

When speaking with and meeting potential custom home builders, be sure to look closely at their previous projects.  You want to ensure you are working with a builder who has an aesthetic that matches yours. Plus, you want your home to stand-out, but also be neighborhood appropriate.  For example, you wouldn’t want to build a log cabin on the beach.  It just doesn’t work.  A suitable, beautiful, custom design can be difficult.  Not every builder can pull it off.  A builder’s history will let you know easily if they are the right builder for you.

Finishing Touches That Make an Impact

There are certain finishing details that everyone thinks of.  Unique door pulls and handles, custom mosaic tile designs, and custom paint colors, but there’s certain things only the best designers think of.  We’re going to only focus on exterior touches here, but we hope this will give you some ideas on some lovely details to add to your own home.

Unexpected Accents

There are some exterior details everyone thinks of.  A front door color that pops, a beautiful light, or a unique door knocker, but what can you do to a porch? How do you bring a porch to the next level? One example of a beautiful detail that can make your porch a true place of beauty is thoughtful wood accents.  Whether it is high contrast details or hand-carved elements, designing a home with features that others lack can help your home stand-out.


Selecting the right colors for these accents is crucial to making your home the beauty it deserves to be.  Only the best builders know the proper color combinations that bring a design from beautiful to exquisite.  If you want your design to be above and beyond what any average person could imagine, make sure you are working with a top-rated NJ custom home builder.  Selecting a builder who has a lot of experience in your area is preferred over a builder from another area.  A designer that is familiar with your area, the aesthetic, and the history can really help boost a design to the next level.  A designer that is not from the area that you are building your home in may not be the best choice as your design styles may not mesh.

Intricate Details

Sometimes it is the small items that bring a design from average to extraordinary.  Think delicate stonework facades, columns made of or covered in materials other than wood, and personal accents like carved railings.  Using natural materials in surprising ways helps ground a house to the environment around it.  This is especially impactful in places like wooded environments and beach settings where nature is such a big part of everyday life.  A great NJ custom home designer will do this with ease without making a design busy.  Keeping clean lines and a crisp exterior while incorporating these special details is a true talent and evidence of a superior designer. 

Expert NJ Custom Home Builder Give Homes Character

While one might assume that by building a custom home, you would get a totally unique house.  That may not be the case when dealing with the wrong builder and designer.  If, for example, you decide to work with a builder from outside your area, you run the risk of having a home that looks completely misplaced.  On the other hand, when you select an experienced, talented builder that is familiar with your town and surrounding areas, they can seamlessly blend your home in with the correct aesthetic while making your home stand out for all the right reasons.

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